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Post Construction Cleaning

Completing a home build or reno?

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Post Construction Cleaning

Completing a home build or reno?

What we do...

Every room from floor to ceiling cleaning

Deep cleaning of everything necessary

Carpet Cleaning

Remove items from tables and shelves to dust

Remove all labels from new fixtures

Eco friendly cleaning supplies are brought to every job

Cabinets in and out

Cleanup and disposal of dirt, drywall debris and post constructions debris

Clean windows inside/outside, frames and sills

Remove any paint, and plaster that may have been overlooked

Vacuum all carpet, along with wall edges and baseboard ledges

Clean baseboards and walls

High surface areas dusted

Wipe tops of the doors, molding, and trim throughout

Wash and mop floors

All light fixtures dusted, high or low

Washing of individual tiles in the kitchen and bathroom

Grout Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

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